Adam P. Smith, MD, FAANS is a board certified neurosurgeon and Rocky Mountain Brain & Spine Institute is his business providing neurosurgical information to the community. He is committed to the wellness of the patients he treats. Dr. Smith uses minimally invasive surgical approaches for the brain and spine, and uses the most up-to-date neuroimaging, surgical navigation, robotic and artificial intelligence modalities.

Leonardo da Vinci Had a Peripheral Nerve Injury?

A new study published this month reviews a portrait of da Vinci, painted by Giovan Ambrogio Figino.  Previously overlooked is da Vinci’s arm and hand in a sling, with the right hand in a position not typical of a stroke.  Following a stroke, a patient’s hand often is fully clenched. In this rendering, only the ring and pinky fingers are flexed and da Vinci’s right hand is in the typical “ulnar claw” position.

Marijuana… And The Munchies

Well known is the theory that smoking marijuana is associated with the urge to eat junk food…. also known as the “munchies”.  However, researchers have actually scientifically explored the relationship between cannabinoids and eating.   A synthetic cannaboid, dronabinol (Marinol), is now a commonly used medication to increase appetite in certain medical conditions where the…