Tiger Woods in a Helmet???

The American golfer Tiger Woods has been a popular topic in neurosurgery over the last few years due to his back issues and multiple surgeries. In May 2010, he needed to withdraw in the final round of the Players Championship due to neck pain. In March 2014, he withdrew from another tournament for back pain.…


Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common cause of hand pain, numbness and weakness.  It is caused by a ligament in our wrist pressing on the median nerve which supplies sensation and strength to parts of the hand.  In most cases, a specific cause is not known.  However overuse (such as typing on a computer), thyroid…


Minimally Invasive Tumor Resection

It is clear that minimally invasive spine surgery using tubular retractors is beneficial compared to traditional spine surgery. In both decompressions (discectomy) and lumbar fusion, there appears to be less pain, less muscle injury, a lower rate of adjacent segment disease, lower complications and quicker recovery with tubular minimally invasive approaches.